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Help Your Glass Technicians Get More Done

Boost your sales by giving your techs an easier way to manage their day and complete their work.


Get Your Techs to Their Jobs Quicker

LX Mobile Dashboard

LX Mobile will make your tech's job easier, and help them be more productive by reducing downtime and getting them to their jobs sooner.

The app keeps track of a tech's job list will automatically add any job assigned to them to their orders and gives them a clear look at their scheduled work the parts needed.

Reduce downtime and wheel. LX Mobile's job list automatically show techs their next appointment, when they need to get their, and directions to the site.

Ensure the Job is Done Right

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LX Mobile will provide everything a tech needs to make sure every install is done the right way.

The pre and post vehicle inspection forms guide techs on recording the proper state of the vehicle before the job starts and ensure that there were no damages during the install. This gives you a record for any potential disputes in the future.

Stay compliant and protected when dealing with ADAS. Whenever a replacement involves an ADAS part, LX Mobile will create a notification for both the tech and customer. It will also provide a legal reviewed recalibration notice and waiver for the customer to sign.

Don't Wait to Close out Jobs


Once a job is complete, you won't have to wait until the end of the day to verify a complete job and close it out. Techs can mark a service complete, and the status will automatically update for the shop as well.

Don't wait to get paid. Credit card payments can be collected right at the job site using swipe, chip insert or manual entry.

Avoid extra or duplicate work. Because everything in LX Mobile syncs with GlasPacLX, there is no more need to manually process or close out jobs at the end of the day. With LX Mobile, everything updates as the work is completed.